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The Halloween Experience

Kim Kardashian attends her Halloween party hosted by PAMA at Sto

As the weekend gets closer, I am reving up for a Costume Party my husband and I will be attending on Saturday.  It all started when I saw a Cleopatra costume I really liked in a magazine.  My husband said I could pull the outfit off and he would go as a mummy.  He immediatly began googling how to do this himself.   

I, on the other hand, let him know that the costume he liked for me was $85.   We decided I should shop around a little, for several reasons.  One was the obvious waste of $85 for a one night wear, and two, I knew if I wore it, it would be obvious I just paid a lot of money for an uncreative costume for the sole purpose of showing off my legs (it wasn’t slutty per se, but it did have a short skirt instead of the long skirt of a traditional Cleopatra).

After our discussion, something struck me.  There are generally three options when choosing a Halloween costume:  1) Expensive costume from magazine or from a store, 2) The version in a bag that is more economical but usually as a whole, more skimpy and cliche, and 3) A homemade costume.   Continue reading