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Fashioning a National Identity


Sarah Jessica Parker on the set for the second Sex in the City movie

Anyone who likes this blog would probably find this interesting.  Sarah Jessica Parker will be doing the voice-over for the audio guide to accompany the exhibition.


The Importance of Dressing to Impress

Obama in the Oval Office

When the media started printing stories about Obama taking off his suit coat  in the Oval Office, loosening the dresscode of the Bush era, it got me thinking  about my personal experiences with dress codes, and various reactions I’ve received when deviating from them (whether intentional or otherwise).

The word dress code alone makes me shudder and remember my grade school days of being stopped in the hall by teachers, and being asked to put my arms flat by my sides to makes sure my shorts were fingertip length; my high school days of receiving a Coca-Cola T-shirt because, while carrying my school books, it appeared my shirt showed part of my stomach…

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Fashion and Personality: The Perfect Winter Coat

Vicotoria Beckham (Posh) in her Winter Coat

Vicotoria Beckham looking Posh (as usual) in her Winter Coat

Britney Spears looking uncharacteristically posh

Britney Spears exemplifying that a posh coat does not make one posh (although she does look pretty cute)


My mornings follow a pretty consistent routine – give or take a few hits of the snooze button.  The only inconsistent part is the El (Elevated Train in Chicago which is like the subway in NY).  Sometimes I run up the stairs, hop right on, and take a seat.  Other times I stand on the platform for 20 minutes, shove my way into the El car with the doors almost closing on my bag, my head under someone’s armpit (I told this to a tall friend who laughed and said he was glad he was usually the armpit), as I struggle to find something to hold onto before the train jolts to a start.

The most entertaining thing on the El is the variety of people who are on the train with me.  El passengers are a mix of people who work downtown or go to school downtown.  I probably won’t be standing next to the partner of a law firm (s/he probably drives or takes a cab), but I could be wedged amongst the Janitor, Associate, and PhD student.

While I’m on the El (assuming it’s a day I have a square of space to negotiate, which is not always the case), I don’t always look around, but one type of person always catches my eye, especially during Chicago winters.  It’s the posh woman standing in her stylish knee high boots, fitted winter coat, beautiful well placed scarf, and Jackie-O sunglasses reading the Red Eye.

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