My husband sent me a link from an online magazine about plastic surgery and high heel shoes.  To sum it up, the newest thing you can now Botox is your feet.  It lasts a few months and can make wearing 5 inch heels tolerable.  This article reminded me of an article I bookmarked a month ago on  The Skinny Jeana Workout.  It is basically a series of recommended movements to get the kind of body that can squeeze into uncomfortably tight jeans.

These two articles capture the results of society’s beauty obsession – plastic surgery becoming commonplace, and a  myriad of workout trends.  The popularity of plastic surgery and workout programs show that women will pay exorbitant amounts of money to alter themselves into fitting into the latest fashions, instead of choosing fashions that fit them.

A running theme through this blog has been personal style over fashion. That means choosing the fashions that flatter you rather than looking like  a fashion victim just to wear the latest trends.

There are certain things you just can’t change.  A pair of trendy over-the-knee boots will never flatter the body of a 5ft tall woman – no matter the workout or plastic surgery (last I checked there is no way to make yourself taller.  Oh.  Except for the 5 inch heels you need Botox to wear).  Personally, I can do Pilates all day, but my legs will never be pencil thin.  It is just not my frame.  You can’t target certain areas of your body when working out, which means I can lose weight, but my proportions will stay the same.  To put it simply, skinny jeans are not made for every body type, and 5 inch heels will never be comfortable – even if you numb your feet.

And if you are squeezing yourself into either of these, you will look uncomfortable instead of sexy.

Comfort and confidence in your fashion choices means shaping your cloths to you, not the other way around.


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