Size Really Doesn’t Matter…When it Comes to Fashion

jennifer hudson

I was doing my normal internet readying with coffee this morning, and what interested me today was an article on all the trendy plus size clothing lines coming out.  The article analyzes the plus size fashion market and compares the success and demise of various brands in the sector. 

I recently started a new workout routine and eating plan.  My weight has been fairly consistent without really dieting or trying to loose weight.  I just love physical activity, and I feel better when I eat better.  Plus, being healthy is important in being self sufficient.  Being able to move a couch without any more reinforcements than my fiancee, for example, is invaluable. 

And I’m not gonna lie – I want to look physically fit!

My new workout routine and eating plan are geared toward just that.  I have not lost any weight at all, nor do I want to (my wedding dress alterations lady would kill me!).  Lately, however, I do feel the urge to put on shorts, a fashion I usually avoid, and, *gasp, even a bathing suit, an experience I usually dread. 

I may look the same, but I feel stronger and healthier, and therefore more confident.

After reading the article I was annoyed that it seemed like a revelation that plus sized women want to dress fashionably.  In general, I believe some plus sized Hollywood stars are more attractive than their starved counter parts.  Take Jennifer Hudson as an example.  She has beautiful curves and dresses well for her body.  Compare her with somone like Megan Fox, who is gorgeous, but also has a little of the big head syndrome (where the head looks huge because the body is so tiny), and Hudson looks healthier and happier.  Even Jessica Simpson looks more confident with a little extra weight on her (even in those awful pictures of her in mom jeans and cheetah belt).

Curves are attractive, and sunken cheek bones and carrying most of your body weight above the shoulders is not.

So if there are clothes for the 5’10 girl who weighs 110 pounds, why not the 5’4 girl who weighs 160? 

Getting back to the idea of health – neither extremees are healthy.  But somehow we’ve put skinny on a fashion pedestal, and relegated obesity to sweat pants.

The key is being happy and feeling good about yourself.  Many health issues are related to mental well being as much as physical.  So while society should avoid anything that enables unhealthy lifestyles, feeling good about yourself is paramount. 

Having the confidence to know what looks good on whatever body type you have, and rocking it , is admirable no matter what your size.


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