Winter White No More

Lindsay Lohan in an advertisement for her spray tan

When I set out my work outfit last night, it was following an evening with my fiancee grilling our dinner and eating  on the porch.  It was really nice outside in the northwest suburb of Chicago I recently  moved to from the city.  Well, that was last night.

This morning it was windy, rainy, and miserable.   Due to my new favorite cosmetic item – sunless tanner – I had set out a skirt, no tights, and one of those cute ruffle sleeved tops  I am starting to see everywhere.  Normally, I would need at least a few Saturdays baking in the sun before I even consider exposing bare legs, and I’ve always been afraid of sunless tanner.  Well, we haven’t had enough nice weather to get a tan..  So despite my visions  of streaks and Lindsay Lohan-like orangyness that can’t be hidden because, well, it’s your skin – I took a chance.  I may sound dramatic here, but it’s not like purchasing a lipstick, which you can wipe off, that is too orange.  

I have done spray tanning, but I hate the way that feels on the skin and wasn’t crazy about the color, or the price.  Both are better for the skin than baking in the sun, however, my general defense for this practice is I’m from the Midwest.  We only get 3 months of it.  People in year round sunny places need to be concerned about sunblock. 

Then I noticed two co-workers who were tan year round.  In the past, I have always felt that people who are tan in the dead of winter look a little weird.  You are supposed to be pale in the winter, it’s natural. 

Regardless, I was noticing people around the city forgoing tights for bare legs, and my legs were pretty scary.  So I found out what the two women were doing to keep tan.  One woman uses a tanning bed, and the other uses sunless tanner.  Now I may bake in the sun, but I can’t bring myself to lay in a tanning bed, so I found out the brand of sunless tanner the other woman was using and made a trip to the mall.

I LUV it!  I forgot how much nicer it is to 1) not have tan lines, and 2) have some color to my skin.  I just felt so much healthier looking.  Also, I am acne prone, and a little color does wonders for the complexion, even during breakouts.  I am now recommending it to everyone. 

So, I have been converted.  There is no reason to look pale and pasty.  Now, I’m not gonna look like I spend the weekend in Mexico year round, but a shade or two darker than my natural should be just fine.

I ended up wearing  a skirt with the tights regardless of those going bare.  My legs might be tan, but this morning, they were also freezing!

Just because I have a summer tan, does not mean I can dress for summer…yet.


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  1. Thanks for posting!

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