Dressing Fun Not Young

Heidi Montag wearing Ed Hardy

Heidi Montag wearing Ed Hardy

I have a new obsession with Ed Hardy clothes. At first I thought they were poser clothes for people who want tattoos, but don’t have the commitment, pain tolerance – whatever – to get one.  Now I find the clothing line artistic, colorful, and just, well, fun!

So I scoured after-Christmas-sale-racks for Ed Hardy cloths, because for outfits I can’t wear to work, they are pricey! As I grabbed different colorful shirts (preferring the ones without skulls), I contemplated whether I was dressing my age. Especially when I’m in the racks among high school girls (where do they get the money to spend $200 on a sweat shirt jacket!?).

Then, in the midst of my search, I went to my hair salon and my hair stylist was wearing a tattoo covered shirt and bracelet/wrist band thingy. She looked both cute and her age. But, she was also in a hair salon where fun and trendy is ageless, and  people wear the same wardrobe for work and for play.

When I graduated college and started working in a cubicle everyday, I started two separate wardrobes – Work and Fun. Up until that point I only bought fun colorful bright clothing. There was no black in my closet. However, it’s really hard to mix and match your clothes when you lack neutrals. It is also harder to look professional when most of your wardrobe is pink (I had a pink phase in college). So I had to conform, and buy black, brown, off-white…

Now, 6 years later (you do the math), I look at my wardrobe, and I can’t see separate articles of clothing. They all blend together in a sea of black (I had a brown phase a year ago), with the occasional purple (my current phase). Where did the color and colorful designs – the fun – go!?

Even with my new yearning to wear color, I can’t help but notice how crisp, clean, flattering, and sophisticated a black dress looks over a purple one. Same with a nice black shirt over one with tattoos all over it.

I ended up with great scarf. I figure accessories are more fun and interchangeable than detailed shirts (although I still love the shirts). I also bought the sweatpants, and my next purchase will be super cute rain boots.

Everyone has different taste regardless of their age, budget and occupation. In whatever way makes you comfortable, throw a little fun into your wardrobe.  It’s ageless!


4 responses to “Dressing Fun Not Young

  1. One or two years ago I wanted a shirt so bad but now I dislike them most times.

  2. statementsoffashion

    I’m the opposite – I used to dislike them, and now I want one! Go figure…

  3. I’m in a kind of “cowboy” phase right now. It’s lots of fun, but no purple. Just a lot of browns and blacks, but the accessories are really cool!

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