Rock New Years Eve…From Your Couch!

Britney Spears New Years 2007 at Pure

Britney Spears New Years 2007 at Pure

One of my favorite things about shopping during the holiday season is all the fun sparkly cloths displayed in store windows.  I instantly start to think about New Years Eve plans that would give me an opportunity to wear something shiny

Then the holiday season progresses, my pockets get smaller, and my wish to wear a tight little number after eating for a week straight diminishes.   Not to mention the cold and messiness of winter.

So instead, I am only a voyeur on NYE.  I love to see the outfits I’ve been seeing in store windows, appear on girls in line at bars downtown, or running from one bar to the next in Wrigglyville.  The only thing is, none of these activities seem fun.  Who wants to pay a $150 cover to wait at a jam packed bar for drinks? 

I personally love going out, but on New Years I like celebrating with my friends and family – the people who made my year great.  However, every year, I fight the urge to make plans entailing getting all dressed up and bar hopping downtown amongst mostly strangers.  New Years Eve seems to be all about the cloths!

The last time I got all dressed up for NYE was actually in the year 2000 (wow…).  My college friends were all calling each other trying to pull something together at the last minute.  Since my parents go to my aunt’s every New Years, I invited all my college friends in the area to my parents house and got a keg (my parents provided permission and we were all of age). 

It was the best New Years ever!  And I think that was because 1) it was impromptu, so no expectation build up, 2) it was cheap!, and 3) everyone got all dressed up as if we were going out on the town.  It was the best of both worlds.

So, I will be seeing all the wonderful clothing others are wearing on my way to a friends house where I will be warm, will only spend a moderate amount of cash, and will celebrate with only my close friends.   And I will do all that in my new shiny top.

Because when shopping yesterday, I realized that the great thing about NYE is that you can go somewhere casual, all dressed up.  On NYE – there are no rules!!!


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