The Newest Trend is Books Starbuck

Paris Hilton, Jennifer Garner & Drew Barrymore accessorizing with their book/s of choice

Paris Hilton, Jennifer Garner & Drew Barrymore accessorizing with their book/s of choice

My mornings are always a little wild, starting with my walk/run to the El.  Either I will have to shove my way onto the Elevated traincar to stand jammed up against the wall, trying not to hit anyone with my oversized purse while still establishing a little personal space so I can maintain balance once the train starts moving…or I will walk in the doors and sit down.  This morning was an epic battle (I can’t even talk about the snow and messiness…). 

I shoved my way on, standing with my face practically in someone’s jacket who was standing in front of me.  This left me no room to read my current book of choice, Eclipse.  So I stood, with no distraction in hand, for the duration of my ride to the loop.

As I looked around, I noticed how many people were reading, or if they couldn’t find room in front of their face like me, holding a book.  Then I thought of the flurry of news reports there were regarding what celebrities were reading – Paris Hilton carrying self-help books after her release from prison (The Power of Now), Britney Spears with her Kabala books and then The Chronicals of Narnia, Drew Barrymore reading Skinny Legs and All, and Angelina reading What is the What?.   Not to mention all the celebrities writing books – Chelsea Handler, Madonna, Tori Spelling, and even Britney Spears’ mother.

Long gone are the days picturing celebrities with their Starbucks coffee.  Books, it seems, are the newest accessory.

Books, like accessories, can add personal touches to an outfit.  What we read says a lot about us. 

During my morning commute, I started checking out exactly what people were reading.  I noted titles and authors first, checking whether the reading material matched clothing styles.   Did the guy in a suit have the Wall Street Journal?  Was the dark haired Emo art student reading Neitzsche?

I found that in come cases, people could be stereotyped in this way. However, there were cases where the snow gear made everyone look the same, and their choice of book made a much bigger difference.

For example, once, during the summer, an illustration in the guy’s book standing in front of me caught my eye.  So I started reading a paragraph over his shoulder.  I checked out the author…and then checked out the guy.  He was cute.  And he reads.  Two pluses.  Now, I am engaged and generally not in the habit of scoping guys on the El…Research.  Of  course.  In the spirit of research, I googled the author when I got to the office.

Just by an illustration in a book catching my eye on the El, I was able to learn that a total stranger was liberal and religous (that was the book’s subject matter, the author escapes me though).  Now if I was single and interested, this information would be invaluable, and even more so if I recognized the author in that moment (I didn’t think about this that much hun, really!).  Actually, when I went to my financee’s apartment for the first time, the first thing I noted was his book collection (and that he reads!).

So what we read, and maybe even that we read, says just as much about us as our coat and pashmina.

Of course I’m not sure what my current obsession with the Twilight series says about me…

What I do know is that books are in!

What are you currently reading?  Does it relate to your personality or clothing style?


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