Fashion Forward: What Season is it Anyway?

THE Dress
THE Dress
Necklace similar to the one I wore
Necklace similar to the one I wore











September is technically summer, but the weather is more like fall.  The fall line of clothing has already come out, and the summer clothes have not been boxed up yet.  Another thing about September is that it is still wedding season.   What exactly is the difference between a summer dress to wear to a wedding, and a fall one?

As you may have guessed, I had a wedding to go to this past weekend.  I wanted to wear a dress I bought during the summer, but I was afraid it of making a fashion faux pas.  So I spent the week emailing all my friends seeking their approval, hoping they wouldn’t agree with me that I needed a fall dress.  In considering what makes my dress summery, I determined this particular dress was more of a summer dress than a fall dress because it is a light color and made of light fabric.  It is also super short for a formal dress, which is part of the style. 

The general consensus was – if you are comfortable – wear it!  Afterall, it was supposed to be in the upper seventies that day, so the weather had a tinge of summer left in it.  The question came down to how confident I was wearing it.  And the answer to that question is obvious when you take into account that I emailed and talked to at least 10 different people seeking reassurance.

The last person I asked on the Friday before the wedding (emailed the above picture of the dress on a model) gave me the best advice yet – add a some fall accessories and you are good to go.  It was so simple and yet I never thought of it!

The dress looks so summer, I was gonna accessorize it acccordingly – which in this case was sparsely, like the picture. So what exactly is a fall accessory?  My thought was similar, but opposite, to my definition of a summer dress – darker colors and heavier.

Unfortunately, my newly ascribed “fashionista” girlfriend lives in Milwaukee, so we had to online shop together (not to mention I was at work, and driving to Michigan that night, wedding to follow the next day).  We decided on a chunky necklace that has all the latest fall colors – olive green, the lighter green of the dress, and that rich purple that’s everywhere which really made it pop.  I also grabbed another more understated necklace that is a muted gold with a green stone maching exactly, and tehn a burnt orange, burnt red, and brownish/black earthy stones on it .  Both very fall.  Paired with gold shoes (as opposed to the ivory ones I was planning on), and I had myself a classic fall/summer combo.  Thank. You. Allsion.

In the end, both the summery look I was insecure about, and the fall/summer combo look I wore and was more excited about, would have been fine.  The advice everyone was giving me echos a mantra I always tell myself (and tried to repeat to myself as my boyfriends father exclaimed “That dress is SHORT” as we were walking out the door!):  You can rock anything if you do it with confidence.


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