Jackie-O Sunglasses: High Class or High Trash

Jackie-O Kim Kardashian

Summer is approaching – well, at least if you live outside the Midwest (we still get a taste of winter here and there in the Spring) – and everyone is starting to pull out their summer gear. One summer essential is a hot pair of shages. One summer trend that is soo hideous I thought it would be short lived (kinda like Ugs and Crocs which are also hanging around), are the big Jackie-O sunglasses.

Now I am not completely closed minded about large sunglasses (as I am about Ugs and Crocs).  Sometimes the look is done right and embodies the classic cultured beauty of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Other times, the sunglasses either look like bug eyes or like the person wearing them is hiding a massive hang over.


The sunglasses I hate, however, the icon who inspired them, I love. Jackie Kennedy is known for her stark contrast from her predecessors as first lady. She was young, attractive, intelligent, cultivated, and elegant. She had an artistic sensibility that came out in her clothing, which is why she is a memorable fashion icon, and also why her look has managed to hold its place in current pop culture.

Jackie-O was the epitome of strength and courage. It was during JFK’s funeral that she wore her most memorable look – the pink Chanel suit accessorized with the large sunglasses stars like Kim Kardashian, who lack elegance and tact, are still wearing today.

Many stars complain about being in the spotlight and under media and public scrutiny. Those large sunglasses are useful to current stars to hide their faces from the paparazzi and other onlookers. Jackie-O used them for no such purpose. She got her fair share of criticism for being aloof, and for her expensive taste, but she owned it and carried herself with pride even under intense criticism. 

So in the end, I’m not sure if it’s the sunglasses themselves, the way they are worn, or the person behind them that determines whether you look hungover or cultivated. Throw them on with some Jackie-O fashion sense and pride, and you can walk down the street looking posh. However, throw them on with a pair of sweats like Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Kardashian, while hitting all the paparazzi hot spots and complaining about media exposure, you will look like a high maintenance diva who partied too much the night before.

Fashionistas should strive to do the former first lady proud, and many celebrities could learn from Jackie O’s example – Instead of hiding behind her sunglasses.



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